As our GitKraken product continues to experience tremendous, fast-paced growth in the market, we're aggressively expanding and ready to add a Software Engineer that can help us design and build innovative product features. This position will focus specifically on our GitKraken product line. More information about GitKraken can be found on

Our software is used by the world’s most elite software engineers. Software engineers from Apple, Google, Microsoft and thousands of other leading companies use the products that you will help create. So, if you are considered to be the best at your current job, then it’s time you challenge yourself to rise up and achieve your full potential.

Apply for this position if you are ready to take your career to the next level and be rewarded accordingly.

While we don’t consider any one technology critical — the best software engineers can easily pick up new technologies — we do have some guidelines:

  • A Core Knowledge of Software Engineering: We expect a solid foundation of software development and algorithms in one of these programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java or Javascript
  • UI Front-End development in Javascript: Knowledge of Javascript fundamentals is essential, but experience with React.js, Node.js, Redux.js and Typescript can put you ahead.
  • Understanding of Database Development: As a full-stack software engineer, you might be expected to interface with a database system such as MongoDB or SQL Server
  • Experience with Dev Tools: If you've worked with and have expertise with Git, GitHub, GitKraken, CircleCI, Travis, Appveyor, Docker or Jenkins, that's super helpful!

Pay Information

  • Axosoft strives to be in the top 10% of Arizona-based companies for compensation
  • Compensation includes salary, health insurance, stock options and many other company benefits
  • Annual reviews provide for merit increases and cash bonuses